Jet Ace Wiki

The rules must be followed. If any of them were violated, you will be blocked.

General Rules

  • Be respectful to others and don't be rude.
  • Do not vandalize the pages.
  • Don't edit anybody's profile.
  • Do not use bad language, AKA swearing. (Only if supported lol)
  • Don't be a toxic person.
  • Use specific reasons in the summary after editing.

Discussion Rules

  • Put your post/poll in the correct category.
  • Be nice to others. If they insulted, attacked, or harassed you, report them right away. You don't really need to use the SPEAR.
  • If someone doesn't get your meme, explain it to them. And not go like "ArE yOu StUpId??", that's a very rude thing to say.
  • If you're not an admin, content moderator, or a discussion moderator, please do not use the Announcements category. It's for the Wiki Staff only.
  • Signature your art, or credit the original artist if you used his/her/their art.
  • If your post is off-topic, please do not put it in General.

More rules will be added soon.